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Half Ironman Training Program






Ironman 70.3 might be on your radar. but the fact is, as women we sometimes let our guilt, responsibilities or life challenges take over our athletic goals.  We don’t get to enjoy this journey and success as we try to juggle life.

What we do with our time is so important. Yet, so many women embark on their dream, start to feel overwhelmed and shelve the goal of an Ironman 70.3 for ‘another time.’



At Poppy Sports, we get it.  We're women, we're athletes, and we're balancing it all. Our team lead has created a specific support group and exclusive 16 week half Ironman training plan plus six more accompanying modules, to show how you can cross the finish line in a half Ironman, while enjoying and savoring the training that gets you there.

If you’d love help strategizing your tri/life balance, come join us in the Poppy Sports Ironman 70.3 Training Program.














We know the emotional/physical journey training for a half Ironman when you’re a busy woman, and we have all the tools you'll need to get to the start line... with your sanity intact! 

The Poppy Sports Ironman 70.3 Training Program is our exclusive community for women from around the world who are passionate and determined to succeed in life and their sport of choice.  




You'll get access to printables and worksheets for you to document all of the steps you’ll take and an inspirational wallpaper for your desktop and phone!

And a 20% exclusive discount code for course members to spend at our online store.







Get involved with the private Facebook community for help & support for this specific Ironman 70.3 training program. Our featured experts will be answering all of your questions monthly over in the group.


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If you have any questions about the half Ironman training program you can get in touch at or schedule a call directly with our program director.

Your investment to enroll is $299 USD.  Schedule your free 30 minute chat with our program director so we can create a plan for your half Ironman journey. 

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.



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