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Team Poppy Sports


Team Poppy Sports

Team Poppy Sports; where no athlete gets left behind.

A year or so ago, we began seriously thinking how we could take the Poppy Sports mission of 'empowering women through sport' outside our comfort zone.  We all have goals, right?

The result was in the beginning of 2016 we officially launched TEAM POPPY SPORTS, to empower all of us to be the best athletes we can be.



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How does the team work?

We are a virtual accountability club  (with opportunities to meet up in person) with our private online community as our team HQ.

You get monthly challenges delivered straight to your inbox, specifically set for athletes who have busy lives and stretch athletic goals.

You in turn get to overload on the motivation you need and the realization YOU can be a role model for others.

Who Are We Looking For?

1. Are you a woman?  Or are you a busy woman with a full plate of responsibilities?

2. Are you active? Triathletes, runners, swimmers, cyclists, rock climbers, yogis, chasers of children. We love you all.

3. Do you want to be part of a bigger movement of empowering women and girls to be strong? 

Then you're a Team Poppy Sports kind of gal.


What do we ask of you as a Member of Team Poppy Sports?

So many other teams seem to take more from you than you get back from them.

Ladies, we are different.

The only thing we expect of you, is to commit to be present.  Commit to our monthly challenges, commit to pushing yourself, and give back by helping others with their goals too.

1. Join the team (well, that's easy)

2. Share your adventures, struggles, wins with the Team Poppy Sports group

3. Aim to inspire yourself, and one girl/teen/mother/woman to take on a stretch goal in 2017

4. Wear your Team Poppy Sports kit with pride

It's not obligatory to race but gosh our kit looks great on a race course.  It might even get you a PR, but we can't guarantee it!


Membership Benefits

1. Monthly accountability program 

2. 20% discount all year at the Poppy Sports store (heck the membership pays for itself!) 

3. Team kit at cost

4. Team starter kit package option to really kick start your a** (oops, goals)

5. Quarterly team magazine with deeper content, interviews and team news

6. Exclusive team training retreats (spring in AZ or UT, summer in CO)



 How do join, what's the cost?

Just decide what kind of Team Poppy Sports Member you want to be: monthly at $18/month or pay for the year up front.

You'll be sent our team welcome pack once you have signed up.

Join Team Poppy


Any questions?

Just send us a quick email, or arrange a quick phone call with our team chief


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